Blue Dot Army

We focus on the person, not the disease!

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Blue Dot Army is a cancer charity thats run under the moto “we focus on the person, not the disease”. Its purpose is to change the way people go through their cancer journey and make things easier on them when things get hard. This is done via the Blue Dot concierge and their partnership with Chemo@home and Metro Hotel allowing rural patients to stay in a hotel for their treatments rather than going to a hospital.

Since its founding the charity has grown at a very fast rate and the original branding and site were made for a small start up charity to the growing community it is now. The branding and website used currently were my first attempts at logo and website design. To keep up with the growing community and scope of the charity a new professional look has become a must. This will include a complete rebranding, logo and site. The aim is to put forward the view of a professional and friendly cancer charity thats making a real difference.